Solution Manager

sm96The Kaboodle Solution Manager is a free and simple to use Windows Forms application that enables the management of SharePoint Farm solutions through an intuitive UI.

View, upload, deploy, retract and remove SharePoint farms solutions the easy way.  And, it’s totally free!


Think of Solution Manager as a visual replacement for the solution management functions available in stsadm.exe and the SharePoint Management Shell.

Primarily we built the Solution Manager to make the deployment of our solutions easy and simple as there is no need to remember and assemble complex command line parameters.  You can basically deploy and manage everything in a few button clicks.

Of course it works with all farm .wsp solutions not just ours – that would have been selfish.


The Kaboodle Solution Manager supports the following functions:

  • Viewing farm solution properties
  • Upload of farm solution files (.wsp)
  • Upgrade of existing farm solutions
  • Deployment of farm solutions
  • Uninstallation of farm solutions
  • Removal of farm solution files from the farm


Please access the product online documentation for details of how to use the Kaboodle Solution Manager.



The Kaboodle Solution Manager is a standalone executable that can be downloaded in the solution zip file.



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