KKiT and Kaboodle

In February 2018, we decided to separate the consultancy and solution development sides of the business.

Favicon128Kaboodle Software is now focused on product and solution development.  We only develop solutions that extend SharePoint or O365 and believe that this specialism is our strength.


KKiTLogo128KKiT is our sister company which focuses on providing consultancy and hands-on services to numerous businesses within Australia.  Again, our focus is with customers who use SharePoint or O365 but we also specialise in records management and are a RecordPoint and Nintex partner.


So between these two business ventures, we think we cover all the bases.  In fact you might say we offer the whole KKiT and Kaboodle!

Our Experience

We’ve been developing custom SharePoint solutions for many years and all our products have been inspired by what we have learnt from consulting with real customers who face common business problems and challenges every day.

In fact, this is what sets us apart from other software vendors as all our products are as a result of meeting the needs of customers.  So, KKiT harvest business requirements and Kaboodle builds solutions that address those requirements when SharePoint fails to do so adequately.

Our Customers

Here are some of our most valued customers:



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