Kaboodle Software applications are products developed, owned, and distributed by Kaboodle Software either directly from us or by approved distributors and partners including the Microsoft App Source marketplace.

Kaboodle Software values and appreciates your interest in our products and we are committed to ensuring that protection of the privacy of our customers is of paramount importance.

This Privacy Statement is short and to the point as we believe that the excessive use of legal jargon just clouds our position:

  • Our software does not collect or store any personal information whatsoever about you or anything related to the devices used by you when you use our products.
  • Where our products provide configuration settings that are saved between sessions we do sometimes store unique identifiers for either individual users and/or the business entity or organization.  This is so configuration data settings can be retrieved and applied to set the operating parameters for our software.
  • We will never collect any personal information from any updates that we may make to our software.
  • We don’t store your data when you use our software. All your business data is stored within your environment i.e. your SharePoint Farm or Office 365 tenancy.
  • Any data communication between your environment and our cloud based services is transmitted over a secure, encrypted channel using SSL.
  • We do not collect any statistics, trends or track user movements.
  • We do not collect any information that can identity you when you download a trial.
  • If you license a product directly with us we store the minimum set of data required to create, store and manage our customer licenses.
  • Should you cease to become a customer we undertake to destroy any and all licensing information not later than 12 months after you cease being a customer and will destroy that information immediately on request.
  • If customers contact us directly for support calls or other enquiries, we do store correspondence and contact information internally within our business so that we can provide better assistance.
  • Any contact information or correspondence that we retain is never shared with any external party and we will undertake to destroy any such information on request.

Our promise is to respect your privacy.

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