The Kaboodle Image Slide Show (KISS) is an image rotator on steroids and we’ve decided to make it publically available for free.


Here are some of the key features:

  • Completely driven by a standard SharePoint Picture library
  • You can have it show just one specific image or an image at random.
  • Or you can control the set of images to show by specifying a view or a folder.
  • You can easily hook up SharePoint columns to enable multiple links to reference the source image, associated documents documents, web page and other resources


  • It’s a CSS based solution – no jQuery required here.
  • Huge range of style options for colors, borders, drop shadows
  • Automatic image stretch or centring to achieve a consistent image size so no page content shuffling on image changes
  • 14 different base transition effects with customisable timings and translation functions.
  • Auto-rotation according to a configurable schedule.
  • No messing around with display templates, JavaScript, style libraries or any of that stuff, just drop it on a page, hook it up with a Picture Library and you’re away!
  • Extensive caching options giving it excellent performance and meaning that it can be used with anonymous users
  • Navigation left and right arrows
  • Highly configurable navigation dots
  • Image call outs on hover


And heaps of other options.

KISS started out life as a sandbox solution for use on O365 but sadly that capability is no longer supported by Microsoft.

Anyway, we had a customer who was in need of a professional and configurable image rotator so we dusted KISS off and reengineered it as a full trust farm solution.  Being a full trust farm solution it will work with on-prem deployments of SharePoint 2013 and 2016 only.  If that sounds like you then please read the on-line documentation and you can download the wsp from here.

I know that full trust farm solutions may not be in fashion but it may surprise you (and Microsoft) to know that most of our customers are still on-prem and plan on being there for the foreseeable.  And do you know what, farm solutions work and they are reliable and so long as you develop them properly are perfectly safe.

So this a gift from Kaboodle, Sealed With A Loving Kiss (SWALK).  Why not try it out in you test or development environment – what have you not to lose?

Constructive feedback is warmly welcome.

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