Word to Wiki (On-Premises)

wtwo96If you manage your own SharePoint farm then we offer a full-trust farm solution to meet your conversion needs.  The latest version of Word to Wiki supports SharePoint 2013, 2016 and 2019 only but we still offer a legacy solution for customers with SharePoint 2010.

How it Works

Users select one or more documents from the standard library list view and then click the Word to Wiki button in the Copies group of the Files ribbon.


From the publishing dialog they confirm the selection of documents and click the Publish button.


A few moments later the articles are created in the target wiki page library.


The target wiki library may be in the same Web Site as the source documents or it might be in a different Site Collection in a different Web Application.  The target publishing location can even be in a separate farm or hosted in SharePoint Online in Office 365.

Play the video to see Word to Wiki in action.

Key Features

Embedded Objects

If the source document contains embedded object such as graphics, Word to Wiki saves these out to a SharePoint picture library and then stitches back the HTML to include image links in the right place in the resulting web page. No manual uploading or manipulation of images is required.

Bulk Publishing

Unlike other products where you have to process each document individually, Word to Wiki allows you to process up to 100 documents at a time.

Saved Configuration

Instead of having to present users with multi-step and complex publishing wizard every time they need to publish a document, publishing configurations are set up by administrators so they can be shared and reused.

Publishing Governance

Target publishing locations can be controlled at the library level, so user can’t inadvertently publish documents to the wrong place. And, you can switch on auditing so there is a record of who published what, where and when.

Automated Publishing

You can automate the publishing process so that when a source document is modified the web page gets updated automatically. Automated publishing can be triggered on every change or when a major version is released.  You can also enable auto-deletion so when a source Word document is deleted any web page renditions of that document are also deleted.

Metadata Mapping

Because Word to Wiki publishes documents from SharePoint libraries we can map the metadata attributes between the source document and the published web page.

Cross Site Publishing

You can publish documents from any SharePoint library to any web page library, standard or enterprise wiki anywhere in the farm.

Cross Farm Publishing and Publishing to O365

You can even publish a document from one farm as a web page in an entirely different farm or to anywhere in a SharePoint Online tenancy in O365.  No software needs to be installed or configured at the target publishing location.

Multi Language Support

The default UI language is English but Word to Wiki provides machine translated resource files to support Arabic, Italian, German, Russian, French and Dutch.

Product Documentation

Detailed product documentation can be found in the OneNote and PDF documents below:

OneNote  PDF

Administration and Configuration Guide



Solution Download

The solution files you need to get up and running with SharePoint 2013/2016 version of Word to Wiki can be download from the single zip file below:




Note that Word to Wiki is just one module in a suite of products known as Kaboodle Renditions.  This zip file contains solution files for all 5 modules but you only need to deploy the solution files for the modules you need.  Please refer to the support documentation for detailed instructions on how to deploy, configure and manage modules in the Kaboodle Renditions package.

The SharePoint 2010 version of Word to Wiki is no longer available for downloaded from this site but if you need this version, please contact us at support@kaboodle-software.com and we’ll be happy to help.  The SharePoint 2013/16 version of Word to Wiki will not work in SharePoint 2010.

Indefinite Free Trial

We offer an indefinite trial period for Word to Wiki.  There is no such thing as trial version of the product, its just that without a valid license file the product will only work in trial mode.

When in trial mode, the publish dialog will display a yellow message header and published web pages that you publish will have a watermark placed behind the text.

Purchase and Licensing

Word to Wiki is charges on a per Web Front End (WFE) basis, based on the number of WFE servers you have in your production farm.

Each WFE license costs $1024 (USD).  You can buy licenses on-line or request a quotation and pay by electronic bank transfer.

No end-user or client access licenses are required and Word to Wiki can be deployed to other non-production farms (Development, Test, Disaster Recovery etc.) within the same organisation for no additional charge.

When you purchase a license, a small encrypted license file is saved to your SharePoint farm.  Code within the application checks that the license is valid.  If a license file is missing or invalid, the product will operate in trial mode.

Product Upgrades and Technical Support

Each license includes technical support and free product upgrades for a 12 month period from the date of purchase.

At the end of the 12 month period customers are invited to renew technical support and product upgrade entitlement at a cost of 40% of the purchase price to acquire a comparable new licenses.

Renewal of product support and free upgrades is optional but should you decide not to renew and your product license is more than 6 weeks out-of-date you will be considered a new customer, should you later wish to upgrade and will be charged the full license price accordingly.

For a full and detailed explanation of our terms and conditions please review the content presented in our Terms and Conditions page .

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