Simple BI for Everyone!

Welcome to the product page for Kaboodle Charts or K-Charts for short.

SharePoint has always been a great platform to present Business Intelligence (BI) information and historically there have been many ways in which to do so.  However, with the move to the Modern UX the standard options are effectively limited to:

  • Power BI: A truly awesome piece of software engineering but which comes with an equally awesome price tag and a level of complexity beyond the comfort zone of most users.
  • Quick Chart Web Part: A quick and easy way to add simple data visualisations to a Modern SharePoint Site Page but woefully inadequate for anything more.

Microsoft offer us solutions at either end of the spectrum but nothing in between.

We believe that many organisations would see the benefits of a lighter-weight BI solution built using modern technologies to deliver highly configurable, responsive and engaging data visualisations at a very affordable price point. So that’s why we built K-Charts.

What is K-Charts?

K-Charts is a self-contained web part for SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams that connects to a SharePoint list or library and can render data visualisations (charts and graphs), based on list content.  It is built using the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) with Office Fabric React controls, the PnP JS library and Chart.js.

Play the Movies

K-Charts is incredibly easy to use.  You can create a stunning visualisation in less than a minute – we kid you not!  Please check out the following short video clips to see how easy it is to get started.

A Simple Column Chart Example

Download and Get Started

You can download the latest solution package from here.

For detailed guidance on how to install and use K-Charts, please refer to the on-line product documentation.

If you are not already a licensed Kaboodle Software customer, head on over to our customer portal and register for a free 30-day trial.






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