Field Value Replicator

FVR96The Field Value Replicator (FVR) is the most useful tool you never realised that you needed.

What it does

FVR is a simple tool that replicates values from one column to another within the same SharePoint list or document library.

Why this is useful

It might not sound very useful but actually it is extremely helpful as often there was a need to resort to developing workflows to achieve what FVR can do in just a few configuration click.  Here are just a few use case scenarios:

Using Content Types to Group By in views

For some unknown reason the Content Type column cannot be used to group list items or documents.  This is easily resolved using the FVR, simply create a single line text field and map the Content Type column value to this new column and then set your view to group by this new column.

Using the “Begins with” and “Contains” view filters

Only single line text fields can be used to filter values using the “Begins with” or the “Contains” operator.  You can work round this limitation by setting up a mapping from a source column that is of a type that doesn’t support these filter functions (such as Choice, Lookup or MMS columns) to a text column and then use that text column as the filter.

Setting URL column values from calculated columns

This is the requirement that spurred us on to develop the FVR.  You can use a SharePoint calculated column to generate a URL to some icon that shows a status value (such as traffic light indicator) but that URL does not get rendered as the graphic but rather as simple plain text.  The solution is simple, create a URL column configured to display an image and use the FVR to map the value in the calculated column to the new URL column.

How it works

FVR is based on an item-updated event receiver.  Basically, you set up a configuration for the list or document library where source columns are mapped to target columns.  Then the column value in each source column is sent to it’s mapped target column every time the item is updates.

Product Versions

FVR is currently only available as a full trust farm solution and so can only be used with on-premises deployments of SharePoint.  Only SharePoint 2013 and 2016 are supported.

An on-line version of FVR is under development and will work using remote event receivers to trigger processing by a provider hosted app in Microsoft Azure.

Licensing and Costs

FVR is currently free but it won’t stay that way for long as the product is soon to become licensed.  The licensing and cost model are under review and this page will be updated in due course.

Download and Product Documentation

The latest version of FVR can be downloaded from here.

Product documentation is available for download in the PDF file below or can be accessed online using Microsoft OneNote.