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wtwo96Word to Wiki Online is the cloud based version of our tool which has been designed to work with SharePoint Online/O365 and is available  as a provider hosted add-in from the SharePoint App Store.  We provide 2 versions of Word to Wiki Online.  The Lite version is completely free and the Pro version offers many enhance capabilities and be trialled for free for 30 days.


Word to Wiki does exactly what the name implies.  It converts Word documents into SharePoint wiki and web publish pages, at the click of a button.

With Word to Wiki, embedded graphics are automatically carried through to the target web page without the need to save and upload them individually, saving hours of time.

Word to Wiki Online is the cloud based version of our tool which has been designed to work with SharePoint Online/O365 and is available from the SharePoint App Store.  If you host your own SharePoint farm then please visit the Word to Wiki (On-Prem) product page.


There are 2 versions of Word to Wiki Online:

Refer to the online product documentation in the resources section of this page to see the differences between the Lite and Pro versions of Word to Wiki Online.

Core functionality (common to both versions):

  • Publish Word documents to standard wiki libraries in the same site
  • Extract embedded content and automatically save to an SharePoint picture library and link back within the page HTML

Enhanced features only available with the Pro version:

  • Publish Word documents to SharePoint enterprise wikis and publishing sites
  • Publish Word documents across different sites and site collections
  • Map metadata attributed from the source document to the wiki page
  • Support for various text layouts in standard wiki libraries
  • Support for page layouts, including custom page layouts, in enterprise wikis and publishing libraries
  • Automated generation of a hyperlinked on-article table of contents
  • Support for an always in view table of contents
  • Support for reusable content on enterprise wikis and publishing sites
  • Paragraph numbering removal or renumbering starting at 1 or from a user specified value
  • Option to use SharePoint styles rather than the styles that come with the source Word documents
  • Support for bulk publishing – dozens of documents to be processed at a time
  • Asynchronous processing – when more than one document is processed at a time then processing happens asynchronously in the background
  • Chunk publishing – allows you to extract individual sections or bookmarked areas of a document to be published
  • Event/Audit logging
  • Custom page naming – you can specify a custom page name for a published article rather then using the filename of the source Word document
  • Saved configuration settings – be default, when users publish a document to a target location all the configuration settings for that location are saved for their personal reuse


Play this short video clip to see Word to Wiki Online in action.

Detailed product information is available in the following OneNote notebook or a summary overview can be accessed from the Sway presentation.

Online Product Documentation


Overview Product Presentation



Here is what some of our customers have to say about Word to Wiki Online and our product support.


Word to Wiki Online (Lite) was voted the #1 best free SharePoint app according to COMPAREX.


Word to Wiki Online (Lite) is completely free to use.

Word to Wiki Online (Pro) is the licensed paid version of the product which can be purchased on a subscription basis from the App Store at a cost of $19.99 per month for each publisher ( there are no licenses required for users who simply consume the content).

We also offer an Enterprise license option where all users in your tenancy are licensed as publishers.  An Enterprise license costs $2048 (USD) and is paid annually.  Please contact us for a quote.

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