O365 Licensing

We try and make selling our products for O365 and SharePoint online as simple as possible.

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One license for everything!

What makes us different is that we don’t charge you on a per-product basis, but rather when you become a licensed customer, all your users can use all of our products for a very affordable fixed annual fee.

You might think that would mean you end up paying for products you don’t need, but we don’t see it that way because we are so competitively priced, starting from as little as $333 USD* – and remember, that’s not just for one product but for everything we have now and develop in the future!

How much we ask you to pay depends on the number of registered users you have in your O365 tenancy.  This means that larger organisations will pay more than smaller ones, which we think is fair, as our software can be accessed by more users.



We also offer amazing discounts.  If you are a new customer we will give a 25% off your first year and a 10% discount for renewing on time.  Plus, Not for Profit organisations can claim a further 10% discount!

Please head on over to our customer portal and get a quote.


*Based on a Not for Profit organisation and including a first year discount of 25% which is available to all customers.


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